MalShis Hypoallergenic Family Companions

Hypoallergenic and nonshedding small breed of puppy that is excellent for individuals of any age; and an ideal family dog.

This breed is happy and playful. Most Mal-Shis have a cuddly side for after the play is completed they are ready to snuggle and take a break in their owner’s lap. They respond well to responsible children and adults of any age.

Mal-Shi’s range in size between 4 and 11 pounds with the smaller size coming from Imperial Shih tzu mothers.

Mal-Shi’s have long extremely soft hair. The hair resembles the feeling of spun silk; this texture allows for ease of grooming and upkeep.

They also look adorable kept short in a teddy bear trim.

We sincerely believe based on several years of breeding and genetic research that the Mal-Shi is a healthier and better natured breed than either the Shih tzu or the Maltese alone. These two breeds compliment each other so well and produce intelligent puppies that are simple to train and easy to love.

We stand behind our pups 100 percent by giving a written 5year health guarantee.