Rare Chocolate MalShis

We are excited to announce thru selective breeding that true chocolate and chocolate and white MalShis have been created. 

Chocolates are my personal favorites because I cannot resist the soul melting gaze of green eyes.

The gene that allows chocolate coloring to be achieved is recessive. Therefore, extremely percise breeding is needed to achieve this striking rare puppy.  

We will have chocolate and chocolate and white MalShis once or twice a year starting May 2010.   Based on the belief that we are the only MalShi breeder that has sucessfully bred the true chocolate color; we will offer a waiting list for these breathtaking beauties.

If you are another breeder of MalShis and you also have achieved Chocolate MalShis; please contact me so I can place a link to your site on this page so that  responsible families can also be blessed with your Chocolate MalShis.